Lucilia cuprina


From blow +‎ -ie (diminutive suffix).


blowie (plural blowies)

  1. (sex, slang) A blow job.
    • 2008, Shane Lindemoen, Empire Dirt, Fallen Publishing, page 91:
      "I said," my friend says on the phone, "I can call the cops and have you arrested or you can give me a blowie."
    • 2009, Katie Price, Crystal, page 312,
      ‘I didn′t mind being groped by him,’ Crystal replied. ‘He was cute. In fact I′m looking forward to later; don′t I have to pretend to give him a blowie?’
    • 2010, Zoe Foster, Playing the Field, Round 23: The Enchantress vs The Press, unnumbered page,
      ‘A brothel. Anyway, they got kicked out ′cos one of them – not Josh – took photos on his mobile of some bird giving him a blowie, and she flipped out.’
  2. (Australia, slang) A blowfly, Lucilia cuprina.
    • 1997, John Marsden, Burning for Revenge, page 22,
      I woke just in time to hear the first blowie of the day buzzing around. You know the night's over when you hear the first blowie.
    • 2007, Gayle Kennedy, Me, Antman & Fleabag, page 80,
      The blowie was still hoverin around making random swoops on Boris who by now was well beyond caring.
    • 2010, Peter Conrad, The Monthly, April 2010, Issue 55, The Monthly Ptd Ltd, page 50:
      Mouths are clamped shut to keep out blowies, with a slit at the corner prised open in case speech - preferably laconic - is necessary; miseries are borne with a stoical shrug.
  3. (Australia, slang) The common toadfish, Tetractenos hamiltoni.
    • 1983, T. A. G. Hungerford, Stories from Suburban Road, page 74,
      There was always a mob fishing from the jetty, although nobody ever caught much — just trumpeters and gobblies and blowies, and sometimes the pretty little yellow-tail with their golden scales and blue spots.
    • 2000, Wendy Jenkins, Gunna Burn, page 152,
      Nat was puffing and heaving like a blowie on a jetty.
    • 2007, Glyn Parry, Ocean Road, page 102,
      Cervantes was where I caught my first fish, a blowie, and copped my first bad sunburn — much to my father′s dismay, because my mother had stressed the importance of sun protection and how could he have gotten me so burnt?
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