boob + -o- +‎ -cracy; apparently coined in imitation of booboisie


boobocracy (uncountable)

  1. Rule by the ignorant and uneducated.
    • 1921 October 19, “What's All the Shootin' For?”, The Freeman, volume 4‎, number 84, ISSN 1559-1638, page 125: 
      The revelations about the Ku Klux Klan have told us nothing, except that what Mr. Mencken calls the "booboisie" is obviously a docile imitator of the boobocracy.
    • 1947, Francis Hackett, On Judging Books: In General and in Particular[1], J. Day Co., LCCN 47030351, OL 6522306M, page 11:
      And, if a boobocracy, why not play on it for profit? What else is it for?
    • 1978, Thomas Yoseloff, “The Tone of the Twenties”, in Rosa, Alfred F. editor, The Old Century and the New: Essays in Honor of Charles Angoff, Cranbury: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press, ISBN 9780838619544, OL 8223111M, page 73:
      Henry L. Mencken could come up from Baltimore to spread terror among the boobocracy, and vanquish weekly the ministers, college professors, and chambers of commerce.
    • 1984, Anthony West, H.G. Wells: Aspects of a Life[2], London: Hutchinson, ISBN 9780091345402, OL 14253035M, page 126:
      But in spite of the antics of its Bible thumpers and its boobocracy, my father was unable to stay mad at the United States for long.


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