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From bulgārs (Bulgarian) +‎ -isks.


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bulgārisks (def. bulgāriskais, comp. bulgāriskāks, sup. visbulgāriskākais; adv. bulgāriski)

  1. Bulgarian (relating to the Bulgarian language; relating to Bulgarians or to Bulgaria)
    bulgāriska izrunaBulgarian pronunciation, accent
    “tas arī mums pašiem ir jautājums, kas ir nacionāls, kas ir bulgārisks”, stāsta mākslinieks — “this is for us as well a question that is national, that is Bulgarian,” the artist says


Usage notesEdit

English “Bulgarian” as an attributive adjective usually correponds in Latvian to bulgāru, the genitive plural form of bulgārs. The adjective bulgārisks is commonly used as a predicate (“this is Bulgarian”), or in its adverbial form bulgāriski.

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