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cancelation (plural cancelations)

  1. Alternative spelling of cancellation

Usage notesEdit

Rarely used outside the U.S. According to graphs that show the popularity of cancelation vs. cancellation in the U.S., cancelation is almost 3 times as common in the U.S. after the 80s.

British English spelling rules as regards doubling of final consonants when preceded by a vowel state that a final consonant after an E is generally doubled when further endings are added ('ed', 'ing', and other suffixes) ONLY when the vowel-consonant syllable is the stressed syllable in the root word. Examples: Compel > Compelling, Refer > Referring, Referral

Since the verb 'Cancel' is stressed on the first syllable then, in theory, the final L should not be doubled.

However, as in other cases, the U.S. spelling does not follow these rules. Both spellings, Cancelation and Cancellation, are however accepted as correct.