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From censt(ies) (to try) +‎ -īgs. The standard stem for this verb has š (es cenšos, “I try”), but dialectally also t (es centos), which explains why there are derived forms with t, like centīgs, centība (zeal), and with s, like censonis (striver, fighter, assiduous person) or sacensība (competition) (and also, coloquially, censīgs, censība).[1]


centīgs (definite centīgais, comparative centīgāks, superlative viscentīgākais, adverb centīgi)

  1. diligent, zealous, hard-working (who insists on trying to do, to obtain something)
    centīgs cilvēks, strādnieks, skolēnsdiligent person, worker, student
  2. diligent, zealous, hard-working (which expresses the desire to keep trying to do, to obtain something)
    centīgs gars ir latvju tautai — the Latvian people has a diligent spirit
    lapa bija aprakstīta ar centīgu, nelīdzenu rokrakstu — the sheet of paper was all covered with zealous, uneven handwriting



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