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circum- +‎ position. From Latin circumpositio, from circumpōno (I put round).


circumposition (plural circumpositions)

  1. (chiefly technical) The act of positioning something around something else; or the state of being so positioned
    • 2007, T. Lim et al., “Factors affecting user performance in haptic assembly”[1], Virtual Reality, volume 11, number 4: 
      Ho and Boothroyd (1979) studied the intraposition of a peg into a hole and the circumposition of a part with a hole onto a peg.
  2. (linguistics) A pair of adpositions that occur on either side of the complement
    • 1982, Ehsan Yar-Shater, Encyclopaedia Iranica[2], volume 2, page 388:
      Ardestani has some postpositions: da "in," rd "for," and circumpositions: az.... da "from," pes... da "before," etc.
  3. The act of circumposing.

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