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From Old Portuguese coberto, from Latin coopertus, perfect passive participle of cooperō (I cover wholly).



coberto m (feminine coberta, masculine plural cobertos, feminine plural cobertas, comparable)

  1. covered (overlaid with something)
    Um campo coberto por geada.
    A field covered by frost.
    1. covered by blankets
      No inverno é necessário dormir coberto.
      One must sleep covered by blankets during winter.
    2. (of an area) having a roof above
      Uma garagem coberta.
      A roofed garage.
    3. having many things on top
      Chão coberto de poeira.
      Floor covered with dust.
      Pasto coberto de vacas.
      Pasture covered with cows.
  2. (of food) iced (covered with icing)
  3. (of a debt) paid
  4. (of a cheque) not bounced; not dishonoured; whose account has sufficient funds
  5. insured (covered by an insurance policy)
  6. (of a farm animal) pregnant



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coberto m (feminine singular coberta, masculine plural cobertos, feminine plural cobertas, infinitive cobrir)

  1. Masculine singular past participle of cobrir