coyote ugly



Folk etymology: Trappers in early America would often find a coyote foot in their traps; the coyote would be so desperate to escape they presumably chewed their own limb off. In the 1970s, a comedian may have coined the term as a method of escaping from a drunken one night stand on the morning after; chewing your own arm off if she is sleeping on it, so that you can make a quiet exit without waking her up.

An unknown source also coined the term "Double Coyote Ugly", meaning that you would chew off your other arm if you heard that she was going around town looking for a one-armed man.


coyote ugly (not comparable)

  1. A (U.S. pejorative slang) Very ugly, nearly always applied to a non-canine female.
    The woman was so coyote ugly that if she wanted to hold my hand, I would chew it off at the wrist and give it to her.
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