cyber- +‎ bridge in figurative sense.


cyberbridge (plural cyberbridges)

  1. (rare) A connection in, or to, cyberspace.
    • 1999, David K. Barnhart, Allan A. Metcalf, America in So Many Words: Words That Have Shaped America (page 245)
      With his proposal to put computers within the reach of every schoolchild, President Clinton could be said to be building a cyberbridge to the twenty-first century.
    • 2009 February 3, David M. Herszenhorn, “Internet Money in Fiscal Plan: Wise or Waste?”, New York Times:
      But experts warn that the rural broadband effort could just as easily become a $9 billion cyberbridge to nowhere, representing the worst kind of mistakes that lawmakers could make in rushing to approve one of the largest spending bills in history without considering unintended results.
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