cyber- +‎ flirting


cyberflirting (uncountable)

  1. Flirting on the Internet or in cyberspace.
    • 2004, University of Luton, Convergence (journal)
      Typical flirting in general, and cyberflirting in particular, offer participants an enjoyable, frivolous form of sexual communication with no serious intent...
    • 2007, Samantha Holland, Remote relationships in a small world
      Cyberflirting and the development of relationships abound on a daily level in chatrooms and newsgroups.
    • 2008, Azy Barak, Psychological Aspects of Cyberspace
      Whitty (2003a, 2004) has argued that engaging in cyberflirting can be very therapeutic for some individuals, especially shy people...
    • 2008, Jan Silvious, Smart Girls Think Twice
      Consider the heartache that could be avoided by thinking twice about the potentially disastrous effects of cyberflirting.

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