cyber- +‎ speech


cyberspeech (uncountable)

  1. Speech on the Internet or in cyberspace (especially in discussions of free speech).
    • 1994, Pat Califia, Patrick Califia-Rice, Public sex: the culture of radical sex
      An entire book should be written just about the issue of who controls cyberspeech.
    • 2006, Amy E White, Virtually obscene: the case for an uncensored internet
      Correspondingly, White analyzes and rebuts the justifications that are offered by government officials and others who seek to censor cyberspeech...
    • 2007, William A Kaplin, Barbara A Lee, The Law of Higher Education
      It is the exception for "true threats" that has received the greatest amount of attention in contemporary cyberspeech cases.
    • 2008, Charles J Russo, Encyclopedia of Education Law
      In these instances, public school educators should tread carefully before attempting to discipline students for cyberspeech that occurs off school grounds...
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