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did +‎ -est



  1. (archaic, with thou) second person singular past tense of do
    • 1566, William Adlington, The Golden Asse[1]:
      Couldest not thou (that so often in his life time diddest spurne and kicke him) defend him now at the point of death by the like meane?
    • 1592, R.D., Hypnerotomachia[2]:
      Poliphilus, be of good comfort, and pluck vp a good heart, and tell me how thou commest hither, and by what meanes, and how thou diddest escape that mortall and horrible Dragon? and how thou diddest finde away out of that odious and blinde darkenes, I haue beene tould of it: But I maruell me not a little, because few or none dare aduenture that waye.