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From French déplacement.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /dɪsˈpleɪsmənt/, /dɪzˈpleɪsmənt/


displacement (plural displacements)

  1. The act of displacing, or the state of being displaced; a putting out of place.
  2. The quantity of anything, as water, displaced by a floating body, as by a ship, the weight of the displaced liquid being equal to that of the displacing body.
  3. (chemistry) The process of extracting soluble substances from organic material and the like, whereby a quantity of saturated solvent is displaced, or removed, for another quantity of the solvent.
  4. (fencing) Moving the target to avoid an attack; dodging.
  5. (physics) A vector quantity which denotes distance with a directional component.
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