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drop kick


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drop kick (plural drop kicks)

  1. (Australian rules football, rugby, American football) A kick made by dropping the ball on the ground and kicking it as it bounces up.
    1. A drop-kick as opposed to a punt in North-American Rules football is an attempt to score as if by kicking a field-goal. A punt kick is a defensive tactic which gives the ball to the other team, but improves it's relative field position by making the new offense, the receiving team start farther from the goal line.
    2. Drop kicks were once quite common but became unfashionable after the American Football Leagues adopted a new narrower ball in 1941 which favored forward passes.
  2. (Australia, New Zealand, slang, derogatory) An insignificant, contemptible or unfashionable person; a loser; used as a general insult.
    • 1989, Morris Gleitzman, Two Weeks With The Queen, 2010, page 28,
      ‘I asked you to look after her for me, you drop-kick, not poison her.’
    • 2002, Andy Griffiths, Just Disgusting!, page 102,
      ‘Of course not, you drop kick,’ says Jen. “Ectoplasmic” means “like a ghost”. An ectoplasmic elephant would be invisible. So how could you see one anyway?’
    • 2003, David Metzenthen, Boys of Blood & Bone, unnumbered page,
      [] I′m its godfather. Darce, too, although he doesn′t know it yet, but he will when he gets back, the bludger. Geez, I hope the kid has your brown eyes, Lanse.’
      Andy snorted a laugh. ‘Yeah, you drop-kick. Still, it′s probably gunna need all the friends it can get. So you′re on. Don′t be stingy with the presents.’

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drop kick (third-person singular simple present drop kicks, present participle drop kicking, simple past and past participle drop kicked)

  1. Alternative spelling of drop-kick