full tilt boogie


Alternative formsEdit

  • full-tilt boogie



full tilt boogie (not comparable)

  1. (idiomatic) at the most extreme level; at full capacity.
    • 2004, Bruce Hale, The Malted Falcon, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, page 55:
      So we ran, full tilt boogie. Behind us, the footsteps echoed. ¶ Natalie and I shot around the corner. Before our pursuers appeared, I pointed up. Natalie flapped to the roof. I scrambled after her.
    • 2006, Mike Zimmerman, Men's Health; Succeed Like This Joker, Rodale, Inc., page 166:
      I told myself, I'm going to die reaching these goals. I had to go full-tilt boogie, or I'd suck.


full tilt boogie

  1. (slang, idiomatic) An extreme level.
    • 1990, Tony Swan, Popular Mechanics; Freewheeling, Hearst Magazines, page 30:
      Full capacity is the zinger, of course. When production hits full-tilt boogie sometime this year, the annualized rate will be about 40,000 units.
    • 2007, Alafair Burke, Dead Connection, Macmillan, page 203:
      Within a year of his release, he'd OD'd on the full-tilt boogie.

Usage notesEdit

  • Even though the phrase can stand alone, it is common to see the words at, in, forms of the word to go, and the phrase on the.


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