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Blend of gay and gamer.


gaymer (plural gaymers)

  1. (slang, video games) A homosexual gamer.
    • 2003, "Gorf", FA:Fzero Jap (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      You're a gaymer aintcha?  :)
    • 2003, "Nick", Gaymers (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      > Are you a gaymer then?
      No, I'm just a gay man that enjoys computer games in exactly the same way that non-gay men enjoy computer games.
    • 2003, "Julie d'Aubigny", Gaymers (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      How is this self-ostracism? Is anyone who would choose to post there thus prevented from posting here, or to any of the planet* websites Gamespy owns? Or to any of the publisher/developer forums available for discussion? I post to a mailing list for gay gaymers, and yet I post here. How am I ostracized?