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hat trick



c.1877, originally from cricket, meaning taking three wickets with three consecutive bowls. This extended to other sports. Allegedly because it entitled the bowler to receive a hat from his club, or perhaps it entitled him to pass the hat for a cash collection.


hat trick (plural hat tricks)

  1. (cricket) Three wickets taken by a bowler in three consecutive balls.
  2. (ice hockey) Three goals scored by one player in a game, usually followed by fans throwing their hats onto the ice.
    After Jones' hat trick, the attendents had to pick up about 75 hats from the ice.
  3. (sports, by extension) Three achievements in a single game, or similar, such as three consecutive wins.
    A "Gordie Howe hat trick" comprises a goal, an assist, and a fighting major penalty.
    The car salesman came home with front-row seats after turning a hat trick at work.
  4. (baseball, ironic) Striking out three times in one game.
    Jones got a hat trick yesterday. Let's see if he can do something today.

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