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From mediaeval Latin hypostaticus, from Ancient Greek ὑποστατικός (hupostatikós), from ὑποστατός (hupostatós).


  • IPA(key): /haɪpəˈstætɪk/


hypostatic (comparative more hypostatic, superlative most hypostatic)

  1. (theology) Pertaining to hypostasis, especially with reference to hypostatic union.
    • Boyle
      The grand doctrine of the chymists, touching their three hypostatical principles.
  2. Personal, or distinctly personal; relating to the divine hypostases, or substances.
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  3. Depending upon, or due to, deposition or setting.
    hypostatic congestion, due to setting of blood by gravitation
  4. (medicine) Pertaining to hypostasis.
  5. (genetics) Of a gene, affected by hypostasis.