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Alternative formsEdit


From Old Irish ingen, from Proto-Celtic *eni-genā.



inneen f (genitive inneen, plural inneenyn)

  1. daughter
    • Eshyn ta geddyn drogh chleuin t'eh coayl inneen.
      • He who gets a bad son-in-law loses a daughter.
    • Hymnee eh e argid er e 'nneen.
      • He left his money to his daughter.
    • Ta 'neen echey jeh'n eash ayd.
      • He has a daughter your age.
    • Ta 'nneen echey uneashagh rhyt.
      • He has a daughter your age.
    • Ta troor dy 'neenyn eck dy chur ayns poosey.
      • She has three daughters to marry off.
    • T'eh son cur Moirrey er e 'neen.
      • He is going to call his daughter Mary.