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Alternative formsEdit



jibe (plural jibes)

  1. A facetious or insulting remark, a jeer or taunt.
    He flung subtle jibes at her until she couldn't bear to work with him any longer.
  2. (nautical) A manoeuver in which the stern of a sailing boat or ship crosses the wind, typically resulting in the sudden sweep of the boom from one side of the sailboat to the other.



jibe (third-person singular simple present jibes, present participle jibing, simple past and past participle jibed)

  1. (intransitive, nautical) To perform a jibe
  2. (intransitive) To agree.
    That explanation doesn't jibe with the facts.
  3. (transitive, nautical) To cause to execute a jibe

Usage notesEdit

"Jibe" and "jive" have been used interchangeably in the U.S. to indicate the concept "to agree or accord." While one recent dictionary accepts this usage of "jive," most sources consider it to be in error.