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kansalais- (citizens') +‎ sota (war)



  1. civil war, especially the Finnish Civil War fought in the spring of 1918


Usage notesEdit

The Finnish Civil War continues to be a controversial issue among Finns. This is reflected by the fact that as of today there's no final agreement on the name of the conflict. Those who want to emphasize its nature as civil war prefer the term kansalaissota or more ideologically influenced names such as luokkasota ("Class War"), punakapina (Red Rebellion) or torpparikapina (Sharecropper Rebellion). Others who emphasize the fact that in the beginning of the war there were still 40,000 Russian troops in the country despite the declaration of independence on Dec. 7th 1917, prefer the term vapaussota (War of Liberation). Also Suomen sisällissota ("Finnish Civil War"), veljessota ("War of Brothers"), vallankumous (revolution) and kapina (rebellion) have their supporters among those who wish to take a "neutral" position. To learn more about this war, see Finnish Civil War in Wikipedia.