From Middle Dutch, cognate with Middle High German kepfer; probably from capreus (adjective from caper 'male goat', the same metonymy as modern Dutch bok, German Bock etc.), the same Latin root as French & English chevron



keper m (plural kepers, diminutive kepertje n)

  1. A chevron, construction comprising crossing beams in roof-building etc.
  2. (heraldry) A chevron, comprising crossing bands.
  3. A twill, crossed weaving pattern
  4. A fir (the tree whose wood is mainly used for the building beams etc.)
  5. Some similar or associated ornaments, construction elements, capententry instruments etc.

Derived termsEdit

  • keperen
  • gekeperd
  • kepering
  • (types by use and/or construction) hoekkeper m, kielkeper m, koppelkeper m, nokkeper m, keerkeper m, inslagkeper m, kettingkeper m, slangenkeper m, achtbindskeper, driebindskeper, vierbindskeper, m, drieschachtskeper m, vierschachtskeper m
  • keperband
  • keperbeen n
  • keperbinding
  • keperborat, keperbrat n
  • keperbroek
  • keperdoek n
  • keperdraad
  • kepergaas n
  • kepersgewijze
  • kepergrond
  • keperhout n
  • keperkap
  • keperklauw
  • keperlaken n
  • keperlijn
  • keperlint n
  • keperstof
  • keperstop
  • keperstoppen (verb)
  • keperstreep
  • keperverband n
  • keperverbinding
  • kepervoet
  • kepervoetplank
  • kepervormig
  • keperweefsel n
  • keperwerk n
  • keperweven (verb)
  • keperweverij
  • keperswijs, keperswijze
  • keperzijde


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