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  1. (botany) cress (several plants of the genus Lepidium).


Usage notesEdit

As is common with the names of plants, the relation between Finnish and English terms is all but straightforward. The Finnish word krassi refers primarily to plants within genus Lepidium. In English they are commonly called "cress", but especially certain species also pepperwort, peppercress and peppercrass. Krassi may also be used as short form of vesikrassi and koristekrassi, which refer to plants in the genera Nasturtium (commonly watercress) and Tropaeolum (commonly nasturtium) respectively. The English word "cress" may also be used of plants in genera Barbarea, aka land cress or winter cress (in Finnish kanankaali), Arabis aka rock cress (in Finnish pitkäpalko or pölkkyruoho), Arabidopsis aka thale cress (in Finnish lituruoho). There are additional common names as well which are not mentioned above.


Derived termsEdit

plants in genus Lepidium

  • argentiinankrassi
  • kenttäkrassi
  • ratakrassi
  • nurmikrassi
  • isokrassi
  • rikkakrassi
  • sepiväkrassi
  • haarakrassi
  • pihakrassi
  • vihanneskrassi
  • virginiankrassi