long black



long black (uncountable)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand) A regular-sized cup of espresso coffee without milk, being a diluted version of a short black.
    • 2009, Peter Yeldham, A Distant Shore, unnumbered page,
      Up the hill towards the park was the coffee shop where she and Mandy had met, and where Hugh had come daily for his long blacks.
    • 2010, Lindsay Brown, Justine Vaisutis, Jayne D'Arcy, Katja Gaskell, Australia, Lonely Planet, page 202,
      Once you have had your fill of nightlife, overdosed on cafe lattes or long blacks, seen a show or even cheered on a footy team, it's time to leave the city lights behind and experience Victoria′s wild side.
    • 2011, Tiffiny Hall, Weightloss Warrior: How to Win the Battle Within, unnumbered page,
      Down two long blacks and you′ll visit the ladies′ room often enough to earn a VIP pass, but, despite its speedy exit, the liquid in your favourite morning caffeine boost still counts towards your hydration goal.

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