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A coinage from Finnegans Wake author James Joyce said to represent the shutting of a door. The word is a hybrid of phrases in many languages that relate to the shutting of doors, including Danish lukke doeren, French fermez la porte, German Tür zu, and Russian закрой дверь (zakroj dverʹ).



  1. (nonce word) A sound which represents the shutting of doors.
    • 1939 — "Finnegans Wake" by James Joyce
      Wold Forrester Farley who, in deesperation of deispiration at the diasporation of his diesparation, was found of the round of the sound of the lound of the.Lukkedoerendunandurraskewdylooshoofermoyportertooryzooysphalnabortansporthaokansakroidverjkapakkapuk. Byfall. Upploud! The play thou schouwburgst, Game, here endeth. The curtain drops by deep request.