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From Proto-Baltic *mel(n)- (black, blue), from Proto-Indo-European *mel- (dark, red, dirty). Cognates include Lithuanian mė́lynas (blue), Old Prussian melne (bruise), Gothic mēla (mēla, writing characters), Old High German mālōn (to paint, to draw), German malen (to paint), Sanskrit मलः (malaḥ, dirty), Ancient Greek μέλας (mélas, black, dark) (< *melans), Latin mulleus (reddish) (< *mulneyos).[1]


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melns (def. melnais, comp. melnāks, sup. vismelnākais; adv. melni)

  1. black (the color of something that absorbs all light and reflects none)
    absolūti melns — absolutely black
    melna tāfeleblack board
    melns mākonisblack cloud
    melni matiblack hair
    melns kā ogle, kā naktsblack as coal, as the night
    melnais kontinents — the black continent (= Africa)
    dāma melnā — lady (dressed) in black
  2. black (much darker than the average of its kind)
    melnā dzilnablack woodpecker
    melnā žurkablack rat
    melnā priedeblack pine
    melnais diamantsblack diamond
    melnā tējablack tea
    melna kafijablack coffee
  3. Black (a person of dark skin color)
    melns kungs — a Black gentleman
    melnā rase — the Black race
    melnie iezemieši — the Black natives
  4. dirty, smudged with something black or dark
    melna muteblack, dirty mouth
    melnas rokasblack, dirty hands
  5. (definite form) dark (wrong, objectionable, unlawful)
    melnā varadark power
    melnā maģijablack magic
    melnais sarakstsblack list
    melnais tirgusblack market



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