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Older Limburgish muuedge, which is a conjugation of moeadj, also compare -mooj, as in ermooj (poverty)



meug (comparative meuger, superlative meugs, predicative superlative 't meugs)

  1. tired
  2. enough
  3. too much


Masculine Feminine Neutral
Singular Plural Singular Plural Singular Plural
nominative meuge meug meug meug meug meug
genitive meugs meuger meuger meuger meugs meuger
locative meuges meuges meuges meuges meuges meuges
vocative² meug meug meug meug meug meug
dative¹ meuge meugen meuger meugen meug meugen
accusative¹ meuge meugen meug meug meug meugen
  • Dative and accusative are nowadays obsolete, use nominative instead.
  • Vocative only exists for about ten words.

Derived termsEdit