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  • IPA(key): [ˈmɪtl̩], [ˈmɪtəl]


mittel (comparative mittlerer, superlative am mittelsten)

  1. (attributive, now archaic in the positive, see usage notes) middle, in the middle
    in mitt(e)ler Nacht, in mitteler Zeit, zum mittlen (Segen-)Tau
  2. (predicative) average, middling
    Wie ist die Klassenarbeit gelaufen? Na ja, so mittel.

Usage notesEdit

The positive form mittel has largely fallen out of usage in modern German, occurring mostly in compound terms such as Mittelalter, Mittelpunkt, Mittelhochdeutsch, et cetera. The comparative form mittlerer is used in places where one would expect the positive form.


modern declension; see usage notes
archaic positive declension
or with the e elided

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