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From Middle French monstreux, from Latin mōnstrōsus. Compare monstruous.


monstrous (comparative more monstrous, superlative most monstrous)

  1. hideous or frightful
    • Shakespeare
      So bad a death argues a monstrous life.
  2. enormously large
    a monstrous height
    a monstrous ox
  3. freakish or grotesque
    • John Locke
      a monstrous birth
    • Jeremy Taylor
      He, therefore, that refuses to do good to them whom he is bound to love [] is unnatural and monstrous in his affections.
  4. of, or relating to a mythical monster; full of monsters
    • Milton
      Where thou, perhaps, under the whelming tide / Visitest the bottom of the monstrous world.
  5. (obsolete) marvellous; strange



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