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  1. (Internet slang, text messaging) anyone. Used in instant messagers and text messages. Not considered appropriate for other mediums.
    • 2001 May 26, Kevin J Rowley, “t250 ring tonez”, alt.cellular.motorola, Usenet:
      ne1 know where u can find t250 ringing tonez???????????????
    • 2004 March 30, Richard F., “WTB: ne1 have a empty CD cases 4 sale?”,, Usenet:
      Or does ne1 know where I can buy these cheap?
    • 2010 May 26, "Tuno", “Cobra trailer tire size?”, rec.aviation.soaring, Usenet:
      Does Cobra make their trailers all with the same size tires (for 15/18M ships anyway)? if so does ne1 have the numbers handy?