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Calque of Swedish råd (counselor); råd also means neuvo (advise) of which the term neuvos has been derived as Finnish term for "counselor".


  • Hyphenation: neu‧vos
  • IPA(key): /ˈneuʋos/



  1. (no officially accepted English translation)[1] An honorary title granted by the President of the Republic of Finland to highly merited citizens.
  2. councillor/councilor/counselor (the title of the holder of certain high positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland)


Usage notesEdit

In formal contexts, neuvos is always used with a modifier which specifies the field on which the title has been earned. Due to the culture-specific and hardly translatable nature of the title neuvos, the Prime Minister's Office of Finland does not recommend any translations thereof.[1] However, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is the only branch where the titles are translated, e.g. ulkoasiainneuvos is translated to Counsellor for Foreign Affairs.[2][3] A list of honorary titles (not necessarily complete) may be found in Finnish Wikipedia article Arvonimi.

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