nithered (comparative more nithered, superlative most nithered)

  1. (UK, dialect) Very cold.
    • 1985, Sheelagh Kelly, A long way from heaven
      I did spend a couple o' nights out in the open but I got so bloody nithered I couldn't sleep. I daren't sleep any road, 'cause it were that bloody cold...
    • 2003, Howard Peach, Curious Tales of Old North Yorkshire
      Talk About Nithered! In several severe winters - 1739, 1880, 1963 - the Hardraw waterfall at Hawes had become a giant icicle, just under 100 feet long.
    • 2004, Ken McCoy, Jacky Boy
      I'm fair nithered, sat sittin' here in this bloody draught.


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