From Old Portuguese ordin, orden, from Latin ōrdinem, accusative of ōrdō (row, rank, regular arrangement, literally row of threads in a loom), from Proto-Italic *ored(h)- (to arrange), of unknown origin.



ordem f (plural ordens)

  1. order (arrangement, disposition)
  2. (uncountable) order (the state of being well arranged)
  3. order; command
  4. order (group of religious adherents)
  5. order (society of knights)
  6. (taxonomy) order (taxonomical rank)
  7. peace; tranquility; harmony
  8. (mathematics) order (number of elements in a set or related structure)
  9. (mathematics) order (highest exponent in a polynomial)
  10. (architecture) classical order
  11. (Christianity) sacrament which makes someone member of the clergy



Coordinate termsEdit

Derived termsEdit

  • ordem civil
  • ordem compósita
  • ordem coríntia
  • Ordem de Cristo
  • ordem de grandeza
  • Ordem de Malta
  • ordem de pagamento
  • ordem direta
  • ordem do dia
  • ordem dórica
  • ordem jônica
  • ordem jurídica
  • ordem política
  • ordem pública
  • ordem reformada
  • ordem seráfica
  • ordem social
  • Ordem Terceira
  • ordem toscana

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