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perma- +‎ death


permadeath (countable and uncountable, plural permadeaths)

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  1. (video games, slang) Permanent death, where the player cannot continue but is obliged to restart the game from the beginning.
    • 1996 April 21, Sax, Jay, “Re: Best features of a mud.”,, Usenet:
      And yes, especially 'special' mobs coming back is a bit of a stretch. But then the players coming back is a stretch too, no? (yes, I know, many have implemented some form of permadeath).
    • 2001 February 4, Cortese, Rick, “Re: Permadeath Debate Today”,, Usenet:
      If you are doing your job right designing a game, the newbie experience should be almost good enough that people don't care about permadeath any more then they would picking up a new novel.
    • 2004 June 15, Lee Sheldon, Character Development and Storytelling for Games, page 401:
      I don't consider permadeath a reasonable solution for most virtual worlds.
    • 2007 January 12, Dillinger, Ray, “Re: Roguelike developer diary”,, Usenet:
      Permadeath is simply a way to encourage the playing of more than one game so they can try everything.

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