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phenomenological (comparative more phenomenological, superlative most phenomenological)

  1. (philosophy) Of or relating to phenomenology, or consistent with the principles of phenomenology.
    • 1956, Maurice Natanson, "The Schism between Theory and Ardent Empiricism," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, vol. 17, no. 2 (Dec), p. 244,
      Phenomenological "things" are not commonsense objects or sense data but the phenomena in their presentation, grasped as intentional objects.
    • 1991, David Tilman, "Phenomenology From the Natural Standpoint: A Reply to Van Meter Ames," The American Naturalist, vol. 138, no. 5 (Nov), p. 1284,
      I call my models "mechanistic" to distinguish them from classical models that are more phenomenological.
  2. (sciences) Using the method of phenomenology, by which the observer examines the data without trying to provide an explanation of them.