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Borrowing from French



planchette (plural planchettes)

  1. A small plank.
  2. (spiritualism) A type of Ouija board. (A small tablet of wood supported on casters and having a pencil attached. The characters produced by the pencil on paper, while the hand rests on the instrument and it is allowed to move, are sometimes interpreted as of oracular or supernatural import.)
  3. A plane-table.
  4. (chiefly Canada) Circular, colored dots pressed into paper money, used to distinguish authentic currency from counterfeit currency.
    • 2009 ,"Warning issued about fake cash," CBCNews (Canada), 26 Nov.:
      Some general security features to look for in both Canadian and American currency are . . .small green dots or "planchettes" randomly embedded throughout the paper that glow under ultraviolet light.

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