præmiss (plural præmisses)

  1. Obsolete spelling of premise.
    • 1848, The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical‎ Journal (Longman, Brown, Green, & Longmans in London; John Cumming and Hodges & Smith in Dublin), volume 69, pages 461–462:
      We may judge of the fallacy of this conclusion by subjoining to his logical enthymem the only minor præmiss which could warrant him in making it. It would run thus : ‘Sed dysenteria comitatur nec febre inflammatoriâ, nec constipatione intestinorum.’ Now such a præmiss would be false, for dysentery is often attended by symptoms of fever and inflammation, and it has also a species of constipation peculiar to itself, marked by the disappearance of the natural contents of the intestines, and the substitution of frequent scanty stools of mucus, blood, and serum.


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