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Middle English predicacion, from Anglo-Norman predicaciun, from Latin praedicatio, from praedicare.


predication (plural predications)

  1. A proclamation, announcement or preaching
  2. An assertion or affirmation
    • 1965 June 4, Shigeyuki Kuroda, “Generative grammatical studies in the Japanese language”, DSpace@MIT, accessed on 2014-02-24:
      It can be immediately observed from these sentences that the English subject of a predication is translated in Japanese with a wa-phrase, while the subject of a nonpredicational description appears as a ga-phrase.
  3. (logic) The act of making something the subject or predicate of a proposition
  4. (computing) The parallel execution of all possible outcomes of a branch instruction, all except one of which are discarded after the branch condition has been evaluated

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