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Etymology 1Edit

From radio- (pertaining to rays or radiation) +‎ (electr)onics.

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radionics (uncountable)

  1. Any of several techniques supposed to detect and modulate "life forces" and to provide healing using various electric black boxes. [from 20th c.]

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Etymology 2Edit

From radio- (pertaining to radio waves) +‎ (electr)onics.


radionics (uncountable)

  1. (US, rare, now historical) Electronics, especially in radio technology. [from 20th c.]
    • 1973, New Scientist (volume 59, number 857, 2 August 1973, page 273)
      But it's also because the Cambridge is British made by Sinclair Radionics Ltd, Europe's largest calculator manufacturer, with all the cost advantages of scale that this entails.