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From Proto-Baltic *raud, *rud, from Proto-Indo-European *h₁rewdʰ- (red). Cognates include Lithuanian rùdas (brown, reddish brown), Proto-Slavic *rudъ (Russian рудый (rúdyj, bright red), Ukrainian рудий (rudyj, red, red-haired), Czech rudý, Polish rudy), German rot, English red, Latin ruber (red).[1]


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ruds (def. rudais, comp. rudāks, sup. visrudākais; adv. rudi)

  1. (of, e.g., hair) red, red-haired; reddish yellow, brownish yellow with a tone of red
    ruds runcisred tomcat
    ruda lapsared fox
    rudas acisred eyes
    ruda bārdared beard
    rudi matired hair
    ruda ķēvered, chestnut mare
    priežu rudie stumbrired pine trunks


Derived termsEdit


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