From Ancient Greek σκῶρ (skōr) ‘excrement’ + -olia.


scatolia (plural scatolias)

  1. (psychology) The act of smearing faeces.
    • 1999, Tom Mason, Mark Chandley, Managing Violence and Aggression: A Manual for Nurses and Health Care Workers, page 214
      The 'dirty protest' - the spreading of faeces is called 'scatolia' and this may be undertaken by some as a form of protest.
      The main issues surrounding scatolia are the health and safety aspects [...].
    • 2000, Alan Jacques, Graham A. Jackson, Understanding Dementia, page 170
      Scatolia is not uncommon among dementia sufferers, and is very distressing to their carers.
    • 2004, AH Begg, C McDonald, "Scatolia in elderly people with dementia", International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages 53-54, Published Online: 13 Oct 2004
      Fourteen cases of scatolia (smearing of faeces) were studied and all were found to be constipated when they smeared.

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