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From a previous undeclinable *septin (by analogy assimilated to the class of nouns in -iņš, plural -iņi), from Proto-Baltic *septim, from Proto-Indo-European *septḿ̥ (seven). Cognates include Lithuanian septynì, Old Prussian sep(t)mas (seventh), Proto-Slavic *sedmъ (seventh), replacing an older Proto-Slavic *setь (Old Church Slavonic сєдмь (sedmĭ), Russian семь (sem'), Belarusian сем (sem), Ukrainian сім (sim), Bulgarian седем (sédem), Czech sedm, Polish siedm), Gothic 𐍃𐌹𐌱𐌿𐌽 (sibun), Old High German sibun, Old English seofon, German sieben, English seven, Hittite šipta, Sanskrit सप्तन् (saptán), Ancient Greek ἑπτά (heptá), Latin septem.[1]


Latvian cardinal numbers
6 7 8
    Cardinal : septiņi
    Ordinal : septītais
    Multiplier : septiņreiz
    Nominal : septiņnieks
    Fractional : septītdaļa
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  1. seven (the cipher, the cardinal number seven)
    trīs un četri ir septiņi — three plus four is seven
    divreiz septiņi ir četrpadsmit — two times seven is fourteen
    reizināt ar septiņi — to multiply by seven
    septiņi ir laimes skaitlisseven is a happy (= lucky, fortunate) number
    pie četriem pielikt septiņus — to add seven to four
  2. seven (an amount equal to seven)
    septiņi metri audumaseven meters of fabric
    pagaidīt septiņas minūtes — to wait for seven minutes
    septiņi gadi, septiņus gadus vecs bērns — a seven year old child
    septiņu stundu darbadiena — a seven-hour working day
  3. seven o'clock (a moment in time; seven hours after midnight, or after noon)
    pulkstenis ir septiņi — it is seven o'clock
    septiņos no rītaat seven o'clock in the morning
    koncerts sākas septiņos vakarā — the concert begins at seven o'clock at night


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