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From sergeant major + -ly


sergeant-majorly (comparative more sergeant-majorly, superlative most sergeant-majorly)

  1. In the manner of a sergeant major
    • 1941, Francis Cowley Burland, Mark Lemon, Henry Mayhew, Tom Taylor, Shirley Brooks and Owen Seaman, Punch (Volume CCI), Punch Publications Ltd, Page 446
      Captain David Margesson who not withstanding his official description as War Minister, is usually the soul of gentle geniality, was almost sergeant-majorly in his treatment of the mildest question.
    • 1973, Seumas Stewart, Book Collecting: A Beginner's Guide, E. P. Dutton, Page 206
      In Rural Rides, within a few pages, he manges to insult Scotsmen and the Cotswolds, but in a sergeant-majorly sort of way, [...]
    • 2003, Anna Richards, ADHD: A Challenging Journey, Sage Publications, Page 25
      “Okay boys,” I said, in sergeant-majorly style, “there are just two rules that you need to know for this expedition.”