shuggle (third-person singular simple present shuggles, present participle shuggling, simple past and past participle shuggled)

  1. (transitive and intransitive) To shake.
    The sink is blocked, put a rod down the plug hole and shuggle it about.
    • 1969, Shaun Herron, Miro, page 128,
      “It′s a mold for the false bottom of a briefcase. These cups keep things from shuggling about. Do they make briefcases there?”
    • 2007, Annabel Dore, The Great North Road, unnumbered page,
      Clara was sitting outside Hisper Cottage, shuggling the pram. As Katherine approached, the nanny raised a finger to her lips.
      ‘Shh! Hazel′s just dropping off. Where′s Alice and Greta?’
    • 2010, Tom English, The Grudge: Scotland Vs. England, 1990, page 20,
      Without a key to the door he′d get in the window, shuggling the latch just so, freeing it up just enough to flip the glass up and slide in through the opening.
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