site +‎ -let


sitelet (plural sitelets)

  1. (Internet) A small website.
    • 2002, Don Jones, Mark D Scott, Using Microsoft Commerce Server 2002‎
      Commerce Server 2002 does come with an auction sitelet, which is a less-than fully functional e-commerce site designed to demonstrate the use of Commerce Server's Auction object.
    • 2002, Art Directors Club (New York), Art directors annual‎
      The intros and the sitelet make up a turn-of-the-new-century period piece that shows how very invisible high tech has become...
    • 2003, Jenny Lynn Friedman, The busy family's guide to volunteering
      The Sierra Club provides a sitelet called "Take Action" for information on such issues as global warming, energy, population, and responsible trade.
    • 2008, Kim Baer, Jill Vacarra, Information Design Workbook
      The Toyota Yaris sitelet incorporates animated features that encourage visitors to click through to learn more about the vehicle.



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