social safety net



social safety net (plural social safety nets)

  1. (politics, social policy) A set of governmental programs, entitlements, or benefits providing citizens and residents with a minimum level of financial protection, food, access to public infrastructure, or medical services.
    • 1982 May 3, "The White House vs. CBS," Time:
      CBS News used emotion-charged tales to make the case that some of the nation's truly needy are falling through the social safety net.
    • 2005 Feb. 10, "Editorial: When Math Is Worse Than Fuzzy," New York Times (retrieved 24 July 2011):
      We can have a social safety net that protects our retired citizens from poverty and makes sure they can afford adequate health care.
    • 2007 Jan. 26, Murray Waldman, "Rights are a gift from the good guys," Toronto Star (Canada) (retrieved 24 July 2011):
      Canadians are happy to tell anyone who will listen what makes this country great is our safe streets, health care and social safety net.


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