From Speedos (trademark of the Speedo company), which has become a generic name.

Alternative formsEdit



  1. plural form of speedo
  2. (North America, Australia, New Zealand, usually plural) A men′s tight fitting brief swimsuit.
    • 1979, Kent Pearson, Surfing Subcultures of Australia and New Zealand, University of Queensland Press, page 118,
      For example, board riders paid more attention to appearances (short hair v long hair, speedos v board shorts) and conspicuous behavior (surfing for training rather than for fun or to express oneself), than life savers.
    • 2000 July, Ian Jack (editor), Granta, Issue 70: Australia: The New New World, ISBN 1-929001-00-2, page 42,
      I remember my mother standing exasperated in the rain with the brolly over her head at dusk while I frog-kicked around in my speedos.
    • 2006, Margaret Henderson, Marking Feminist Times: Remembering the Longest Revolution in Australia, page 212,
      Their club is Manly, and this word is emblazoned across the back of their speedos.



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