From stage +‎ -worthy.


stageworthy (comparative stageworthier or more stageworthy, superlative stageworthiest or most stageworthy)

  1. (theater) Worthy, fit, or deserving of stage presentation; stageable.
    • 1969, Igor Stravinsky, Robert Craft, Retrospectives and conclusions:
      In spite of his parsonical black, and that other well-known clerical disguise, a bad case of Pulpit's Disease, the "king of tears" cuts a more dashing figure than the Rake, and the role is by a long shot the stageworthiest in the opera.
    • 1982, John Davidson, Cort Casady, The Singing Entertainer:
      By this we mean each song first must be stageworthy and then must add to the picture of yourself which you are trying to paint for your audience.
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