tear sheet


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tear sheet (plural tear sheets)

  1. A page torn from a periodical.
    • 2004, James J. Harford, [untitled], in, John E. Grimm III and Clark A. Johnson, My One Big Break, Spotlight Press, ISBN 1582619069, page 72,
      This time, Tom went into a little more detail about the job, even including a tear sheet of an article from Colliers magazine written by Wernher von Braun.
    • a. 2007, Mark A. Norell, quoted in, 2007, Wendell Jamieson, Father Knows Less, or, "Can I cook my sister?", Putnam, ISBN 9780399154423, page 202,
      I brought him a tear sheet of a story in the New York Post about ligers, and he studied the accompanying photograph for days, even took it to school to show around.


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