transvect +‎ -ion. Coined in the genetic sense by Edward B. Lewis in 1954.


transvection (plural transvections)

  1. (genetics) An epigenetic interaction between an allele on one chromosome and the corresponding allele on the homologous chromosome
    Transvection effects include both activation and silencing.
  2. (mathematics) A kind of linear mapping which leaves all points on one axis fixed, while other points are shifted parallel to the axis by a distance proportional to their perpendicular distance from the axis
    a projective transvection
  3. The act of supernatural flight, such as by a witch
    • 1996, Avner Falk, A Psychoanalytic History of the Jews[1], ISBN 0838636608, page 532:
      In transvection witches rode broomsticks, a classical phallic symbol.


  • (epigenetic interaction): trans-sensing
  • (linear mapping): shear

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  • transvect
  • transvective
  • transvector

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transvection f (plural transvections)

  1. (genetics, mathematics) transvection
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